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Literally! The app that allows you to take climate action and
support SDG projects.

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About SOMO

Sustainability with a twist! We have put our values as a Team into the app that will revolutionise how we understand and engage with sustainability. For the first time, your contribution will have real world impact. Ever heard of the butterfly effect?
But wait! The best is yet to come:
SOMO is completely for free!


You Matter!

And so do your actions. You will leave a mark behind, even if you just download SOMO.


Inclusive Sustainability

We believe that living sustainably should be a right and not a privilege.


True connection

To our planet and with with like-minded people; learn, exchange ideas and support SDG goals.

What we make possible

Our biggest feauture is that we are a Team of passionate friends that have
been working around the clock to bring you SOMO, our passion project.
But SOMO is much more than that:


Carbon Calculator

Answer a few questions and find out how much CO2 you produce. This will take you no time or effort.


Cash sources

Select as many third party companies as you want. This will generate some cash that is automatically invested into SDG projects.


Our Commitment

90% of all earnings are invested in SDG Projects and market education.
The remaining 10% is the minimum we need to keep the lights on.


Simple frendly interface

We keep it fun, clean and simple, so that you concentrate on what matters


Personalised user support

Have we missed anything? We love humans that are passionate and want to go above and beyond. If you would like to bring your own ideas, hit us up!


Scientific integrity

Our team of experts actively filters through the noise to give you easy to digest tips and information on how to make an impact.

What's inside?

User friendly and clean interface.
Community and actions that matter Because with SOMO, we are together, and when we are united...
We are stronger! 🦾

Others are already living sustainably!

Join the SOMO family and meet like minded individuals
What are you waiting for? 😉

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This is the moment that our planet has been waiting for...Change is still possible.

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Change is in your hands now, literally!